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Before Just Sew Perfect I was a Wardrobe Mistress. I  worked in TV and  theatre fitting and altering costumes and making sure everything was ready for each performance. 

It sounds glamorous...it’s not...but it was a lot of fun!   


I soon realised though that my job was not just to make sure the cast were wearing the right thing at the right time, it was bigger than that. I was helping them to do their job to the best of their ability and overall feel more confident.


Whilst I was running around backstage I realised my clothes were not serving me well either.

My sleeves were too long and got in the way, my necklines gaped so you could see down my top and my trousers were loose around the waist so when I bent down I flashed my knickers to the world...

I felt uncomfortable, self conscious and was really distracted from

what I was trying to do.


I’m not a standard clothes size but I am a perfect pear shape with my top half sometimes 2 sizes smaller than my bottom half, 

finding clothes that fit me well has always been a struggle.

Something had to be done. I gradually went through my wardrobe (aka my suitcase!) and started to alter the clothes that weren't quite right. A lot of the time it was just a nip or tuck that was needed...lifting shoulders, shortening hems and taking in waistbands but I found other clothes that already fitted but I didn't wear because something else was wrong.

I looked at what I liked about each item (the colour? the print? the cut?) and began to think outside of the box.

I completely revamped some pieces turning a dress into a top and even a skirt into a cape.

I ended up with a wardrobe full of clothes which I enjoyed wearing and I got so many compliments because of it.

Cast members then began asking me to alter their clothes too.

It turns out that beautiful dancers with long legs and tiny waists

had the same wardrobe problems as me.

And with that Just Sew Perfect was born!

So whether you are singing and dancing on the stage, walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life or running around the park with your kids, you shouldn’t be thinking about what you're wearing.

Your clothes shouldn’t get in the way or be annoying.

You should be comfortable, they should make you feel fabulous and you should be able to get on with your day... no distractions!


Laura  x

My values

Things you should know...

1.     I wore navy lace when I got married and I didn't make my own dress! I wanted to try a dress on and fall in love rather than slaving away at the sewing machine for weeks.  I did alter it myself though because no-one else wanted the responsibility!

2.    My mum took me to see Take That when I was 7. I've loved them ever since and it made my life when I was asked to be their wardrobe mistress.

3.     I made my TV debut on ITV's Tonight upcycling clothes for a  programme about sustainable living.  I'll definitely stick to working behind-the-scenes, I got so nervous in front of the cameras!

4.     I met my husband on the UK tour of South Pacific. He's a professional trumpet player but also a stupendous cook and wooed me with a homemade victoria sponge...my fave!

5.     When I’m not working with wonderful women, you’ll find me hanging out at home with two little women...my girls who are funny, feisty and completely fabulous!  

It is my goal to make the fitting of your dress an enjoyable, relaxed and friendly experience

regardless of your age, size, shape, height, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

You and your dress are my number one priority at all times. 

With knowledge, experience and excellent attention to detail I ensure all garments

are altered to the highest standard so they fit perfectly and adjustments cannot be seen.

I love what I do and am passionate about helping women to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear so they can enjoy their special event to the full.

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